The first major victory of anarchists and the deforming lens of the Media

Yesterday was a defeat of bourgeois democracy in many ways. We will not dwell on the fact that a government has appointed a banker for a prime minister without him being elected by the people. Nor that the party who appointed him prime minister has already lost its parliamentary majority and still governs.

But I can not close the eyes to the fact that from the beginning of the pandemic protest last May, yesterday, the people chose as their protectors, not those who are paid to legally protect the people, but the anarchists. Neither am I surprised when I see and read that what was left from yesterday’s grand gathering of the crowd are the ashes of buildings and banks.

Let me be more specific. Yesterday afternoon, in contrast to all demonstrations which were dozens in the last 10 months, the people didn’t gather in Syntagma two hours after the call. While other times the call was at 5 and most came from 6:30 onwards, something really extraordinary happened, the place to be crowded as early as 5. In 5:30 you could not drop a needle in Syntagma or in the surrounding streets and there were already some thousands of people going to Omonia and Acropolis and constantly people were gathering so from Omonia square, and from the Monastiraki Metro station and Acropolis (another clean sign that the government feared the people’s reaction and wanted desperately to make difficult the access of the people was that while it had already closed Metro stations in Syntagma, Evangelismos, and University, following orders they also unjustifiably closed the Acropolis Metro so that the access becomes even more difficult!) .

So by 5:30 things were beautiful, peaceful and might I say that democracy was celebrated in all its glory. But, quite openly and without provocation, the forces of repression began to throw chemicals into the crowd indiscriminately, to cause dissolution before it even reached the peak of the demonstration. It is no coincidence that the puppets of Skai Channel reported that the people move away from Syntagma although the time was not even 6 o clock. The attempt to terrorize people from both electronic media and the newspapers had started two days ago though it was enough just to watch the TV or read the headlines in the stands, to understand this. Glezos and Theodorakis were only the eponymous of those who were sprayed by chemicals, but the thousands of people there know how to talk about the feeling of suffocation better than everyone.

And then the unexpected happened. A group dressed in black from the University began to shout slogans and pointing to where the riot police sent violently the people away. The people aside, began to applaud them shouting “bravo”, “fuck them,”  and stuff like that and on the other hand the anarchists were saying “join us”. Indeed, when the whole crowd is applauding, and stands for you, you want to continue to do what you wanted to do from the start. The same happened when and after the new chemical attack of the riot police, people descended fearful from the University and they were falling down (the witnesses also,  and ambulances or  paramedics on scooters that gathered those who survived the attack). And the pinnacle of this situation happened when they began the burning down of the Starbucks in Korai. A round of applause and cheers from Klathmonos, University,  Stadiou filled the space. In disasters in banks the people, who not actively participated in the battles, they were rhythmically beating the stadium railing and making enough noise and 40y.o, 50y.o householders were gathering marbles and giving them to the anarchists who were responsible for the frontal attack.

And not only that. From the start of the attack of the forces of repression in 5:30, until later, the slogan that monopolized on the lips of thousands of demonstrators was the famous “cops, pigs, murderers” and not slogans for the memorandum or the economic policies. The wrath of the people to punish those who were supposedly protecting them, was overflowing. In Monastiraki bells were tolling, all roads around the Acropolis, Athens, Omonia Square, the Academy and Syntagma were full of people who refused to leave. From there and trying to reach from Monastiraki to Syntagma, you would find groups of riot police to prevent you, and with your first move they were spraying indiscriminately, firing tear gas and flash bang grenades. Periodically, the police attacked citizens and then the stone throwing was starting again.

By 11:30 in the evening, several thousand people were still on the road. In Amalia at least 10 000 people were still on the road in the demonstration marching down to Syggrou when they were forced again to extensive chemical “showers” and they had to leave to survive. In the square there were still people. In Monastiraki Dias-Delta forces broke windows and beat the people. There are videos that affirm and show how they tried (once again) to hit people with their motorcycles.

The incredible aberration of democracy, however, is that the people are now turning to anarchists to protect him. Indeed, the vast majority of people do not want and did not participate in violence, but the fact that they accept this violence because it actually protects them, it shows the first great victory of anarchists and their attitude. Their main argument was that by peaceful means we can not do something and that we must seek a frontal collision. And the slogan “burn, burn the bordello the parliament” is not the anarchists’. After dozens of peaceful protests, after the attitude of nonviolence and although they knew that people would be exposed to chemicals and beating, they continue to come out on the streets, but do not feel they can win in this sort of democracy. The opinion is indifferent to the machinations of political and economic elite that ignore them. No politician is punished, no incident of police violence is punished and even the murderer of Grigoropoulos is already out of prison. The lawsuit filed by over 100 people on the chemical weekend in June has not yet found its way to the courtroom and no one ever gives an account for injuries and innocent citizens protesting peacefully. The people no longer has faith in democratic institutions because they feel that they make a mockery. They call for elections and make co-ruling, they ask not to vote on the Memorandum and they vote with an increased majority in a Parliament body that can not be re-elected and does not represent anyone (except maybe the members of the Left and LAOS).

And here comes the responsibility and the dirty role played by the Media from the beginning of the story of Memorandums in two and a half years (Which according to the anarchists, who are also confirmed here, happens all the time). Last night was focused on vandalism and fires. They distracted the world from the main issue; a vote on an unconstitutional monstrosity (5 university professors say that, not me). They assume the role of terrorrizing for the “last” chance to rescue the political system once again. Deliberately confuse the defaulting with bankruptcy. They connect the default with the exodus from the Eurozone, things that even Varoufakis (not a leftist economist) condemns as unrealistic and false. And in yesterday’s grand protest they did not set up the cameras in the people among the thousands who had spread to the city, but across the burned buildings.

There was much discussion about the buildings of  Chiller and every stupid cries for Chiller like they knew him from the past. The same channels are blaming the citizens as thieves and as members of the society of “We spent them together”, and they know very well that they did not give a damn about the architecture and urbanism of the city (witness the monstrous buildings in Athens and arbitrary closure of open spaces), and they invite people to say no to vandalism of the historic buildings. The same channels with the uneducated journalists or the sophomoric guided reporters discover now that the abandoned historic buildings are inhabited by immigrants and they are “a source of contamination,” and throughout the rest of the time they keep their mouth shut so that the real estate culprits can do their jobs. In Athens and around Greece, thousands of buildings belonging to government, banks and the Church are devastated and many of them are of great architectural value. It is tens times when the owners themselves are destroying slowly the buildings so that they do not become listed as historic and be able to build new ones. They disdain the buildings with underground ways and as soon as they reach the point of being half destroyed (slowly and by night), they declare them dangerous and torn them down and then they lift blocks.

Entire cities such as Patras and others, were demolished overnight on junta and Karamanlis era, with various neo classical buildings and they built high-rise monstrosities. Public buildings are made with incomplete architectural competitions and other get destroyed with the first rain (as recently happened to the Pyrgos Hospital) because someone got thick bags of cash from the sale of the land or just because there were no appropriate support actions. New roads get destroyed to smithereens and nothing gets noticed. Olympic projects that cost a fortune still scorned to be sold for a pittance on their own. A society that ignores completely the built space now discovered that anarchists destroy “historic buildings”. And all of this, sank into obscurity, the fact that hundreds of thousands of people spoken up against misery and said NO to humiliation reserved by the well-fed rulers.

My dears, even half of the anarchist troublemakers are not the real issue. The biggest troublemakers are the media and their deforming lens. If they wanted to focus on the substance, they would increase immediately the footage from the attacks of the forces of repression. The Skai channel would pick up their helicopter and will show the hordes of people fighting for not becoming impoverished in order to satisfy the wish of big corporations who will be the only winners from the sinking of wages.

The distortion of reality, the only illumination in the burnt buildings, the para-political comments and the shaming of common sense in TV studios are a norm. Media are currently occupied by unscrupulous businessmen and politicians, or vice versa, which make them small wishes. The attack on the wages of the poor is for them the opportunity for insane profits. And they will play all their cards so as not to lose. And people who are sensitive to the historic buildings will sit on the couch or their computer and start cursing the anarchists and those who still have a soul and resist.

The difference is that anyone who sees the events on television, no longer knows the facts. He lives in a virtual reality. Whoever does not get chased by a cop and is not saved by an anarchist who threw a stone to the cop, does not know what a cop is. Whoever does not fall down semi-unconscious from chemicals and the “man in black” gives him Malox, does not know what it means solidarity. The anarchists are in solidarity and build support networks and prepare for the days of bankruptcy that will happen from those who do as they plaese. They make self-organizing collectives and support networks. You will simply look at the screen and shake your finger and when you start feeling hungry, you will believe in Olga who trembles when she says to blame anarchists, leftists, SYRIZA, the “angry”, or the flying donkey… and not all of them who are stealing your lives for four decades.

My dear, go to the streets to see the reality, close the television the tear apart the newspapapers. Look for alternative information to independent media and Internet publications and think a little beyond “obvious”. Then you may be able to press leaders to create a ministry to protect the citizen and not a pale imitation of a faltering democracy.

Then perhaps you are right to blame the anarchists, but not now.

PS1: I am neither an anarchist nor “anarchist”, I have never thrown a stone, or I would ever start a fire. But the people who go straight against my enemies-those who protect those who want me to work as a slave and get paid like a slave and misinform the people I love turning them into TV-junkies -not the racists this time, even temporarily, they are closer to me more than every proud to be a Greek, Greek. And yes, I am sorry for the buildings we lost, I ran in conferences for architecture long before they discovered the name of Chiller, but I did not sacrifice the life of any human dignity or the Acropolis. Buildings with money and in six months are rebuilt. The lives of millions of people will take years and years to get rebuilt.

PS2: PAME, and subsequently the Communist Party, yesterday lost a great opportunity to demonstrate their ability to lead the battle against capitalist power of the plutocracy something that they constantly complain about. While they said they would reach the Parliament in any way, when they saw the difficulties they turned around (although the world had gone to the side of the University, in order to pass) and even the order “turn back in COORDINATES” made a pirouette that even the Greek army would envy. The jeer of those who were in the forefront was overwhelming and they were shouting to them to come together in the front of the fight.

PS3: Those who suddenly remembered that jobs are lost from some shops burnt, did you forget that every month tens of thousands of jobs are lost and unemployment has exceeded one million in just months? What did they do until now? How many marches did they go to? Did they light candles for Haliburgiki and the unpaid of Eleftherotypia and ALTER or  do they only know to do that in Attikon because it is not so banal?

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This is a repost and translation of an article, and it is not my own. Clarification! Translation by apollo. For any major mistakes please contact here 🙂 I probably did a lot of them…

Notable historic information:

Mikis Theodorakis

On 21 April 1967 a right wing junta (the Regime of the Colonels) took power in a putsch. Theodorakis went underground and founded the “Patriotic Front” (PAM). On 1 June, the Colonels published “Army decree No 13”, which banned playing, and even listening to his music. Theodorakis himself was arrested on 21 August, and jailed for five months. Following his release end of January 1968, he was banished in August to Zatouna with his wife Myrto and their two children, Margarita and Yorgos. Later he was interned in the concentration camp of Oropos. An international solidarity movement, headed by such personalities as Dmitri Shostakovich, Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Miller, and Harry Belafonte demanded to get Theodorakis freed. On request of the French politician Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber, Theodorakis was allowed to go into exile to Paris on 13 April 1970. Theodorakis’ flight left very secretly from an Onassis owned private airport outside Athens.



Manolis Glezos

On May 30, 1941, he and Apostolos Santas climbed on the Acropolis and tore down the swastika flag, which had been there since April 27, 1941, when the Nazi forces had entered Athens. That was the first resistance act that took place in Greece. It inspired not only the Greeks, but all subjected people, to resist against the occupation, and established them both as two international anti-Nazi heroes. The Nazi regime responded by sentencing Glezos and Santas to death in absentia. Glezos was arrested by the German occupation forces on March 24, 1942, and he was subjected to imprisonment and torture. As a result of this treatment, he was affected by tuberculosis. He was arrested on April 21, 1943 by the Italian occupation forces and spent three months in jail. On February 7, 1944 he was arrested again, this time by Greek Nazi collaborators. He spent another seven and a half months in jail, until he finally escaped on September 21 of the same year.


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