This blog exists for the sole and fundamental reason of spreading the information. Information about the occupation of banks on Greek people.

The truth is not written in any mainstream newspaper, magazine, TV show etc, but only on the internet, for those who have the critical mind to understand and filter the true information from the usual garbage.

The mainstream media portray the Greek people as animals, lazy human beings, full of hatred for other countries, and generally a situation that is million miles away from the truth.


You might say that this is some sort of ethnocentric blog talking only about Greece but it is not. It is a desperate call to the world, to the fellow humans, to understand the real situation of a country in destruction, and do something to change this, before it is too late, not only for Greece, the rest of the world as well. Again this is neither a doomsday blog, by facts we are talking about an economic war raging throughout countries, destroying the fundamental rights of people, their dignity and their lives in general. You have seen this if you are using the internet. I am sure of that.


I do not claim to hold the exclusive truth about anything, I am just talking, reposting and sharing opinions and information, from a perspective that depicts the real situation of a country in economic dictatorship.

You are free to read and comment any articles and  I do hope that you will find the information here valuable.

With regards,

Just a blogger, nickname: apollo

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