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Interpreting the results of Greek elections (June 2012)

The overwhelming predominance of the anti-memorandum/anti-bail-out parties and the lead of the conservative New Democracy signalled the end of the parliamentary elections in Greece. According to the final results, a 29,66% voted for New Democracy, 26,89% for the radical left-wing SY.RIZ.A [1] (which in comparison to the parliamentary elections of 2009 has multiplied its votes sevefold), 12,28% voted for the social-democrats of PA.SO.K [2] (and this is the worst performance of the major Greek “center-left” party since its foundation). A 7,51% went for the populist right-wing nationalist party of Independent Greeks, and 6,92% for the neo-fascist Golden Dawn [3] –  which in a way replaces the unsuccessful right-wing party of G. Karatzaferis, Orthodox Popular Rally (LA.O.S), a party which suffered heavy defeat (1.58%) and failed to enter the Parliament as it didn’t reach the required minimum threshold of 3%. Furthermore, 6,26% chose the newly formed Democratic Left (social democrats/social liberals) – also called DIM.AR -, and 4,50% the Leninist Communist Party (KKE). 0,58% of the total votes were invalid, the 0,40% voted blank, while abstention amounts to 37,53%. (The percentage of abstention increased by 2.43% since the last elections in May).

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