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Occupy Wall Street Joins International Day of Action: We Are All Greeks Now

Tomorrow, the people of Greece will take to the streets again to occupy Syntagma Square in protest of the extreme austerity measures being imposed on the backs of the Greek 99% to the joy and benefit of the European financial elite. The 99% everywhere are under assault by the same global banking interests. Greece is merely the most severe economic crisis yet to be imposed by the International Monetary Fund and other agents of the 1% in the Global North. People all over the world live under the tyranny of policies dictated by the IMF, the World Bank, and the G8. As demonstrated by the wholesale slashing of social services in the name of “debt reduction,” New York City and the United States are not immune.

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Why Europeans should be “Greeks” now? Why solidarity is needed?

I. The rates of interest of the loan that Troika lends Greece are much more than those on which the State creditors borrow.

The financial crisis in Greece has become an opportunity for the inadmissible enrichment of fellow States, and that results in the total contradiction of communal solidarity.

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